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About us


Ecolcap was founded in 1988 as a sole proprietorship by Vincenzo Capasso, the inventor of the Vigorfluss valves.

The new trend in economic thinking started by the commitments made at the Rio de Janeiro conference (known as Agenda 21) was the inspiration that led Vincenzo to set up this company with the objective of offering services and environmental technologies and to develop projects aimed at protecting and rationally using the natural resources such as water and energy.

Ecolcap dealt initially with the quality and treatment of water intended for human consumption, with technologies for the production of alternative and renewable energy, and with technologies that can enable a more economical and integrated management of the water and energy resource.

The real danger of a water crisis in the 21st century has pushed the company to concentrate to a greater extent on this issue, aware that a water crisis in a globalized world, such as the contemporary, would produce serious human, economic, social and environmental consequences. After years of research and design, Ecolcap created and patented in 2001 the eco-technology „valve  Vigorfluss” and started manufacturing them in 2002.

Ecolcap started the promotion of the new technology with a marketing campaign directed at first towards the tourism industry (hotels, guesthouses, campsites etc) and had a sounding success in the Italian peninsula .

Subsequently, the commercial action for the sale and use of Vigorfluss valves also turned towards the public buildings: schools, hospitals, barracks, etc., allowing these structures to generate a consumption decrease of approximately 50% .

In the year 2003, the attention  focused on the private market and Ecolcap developed and patented a family kit consisting  of a set of Vigorfluss valves whose main purpose was to the control the water and energy consumption in the households. The big news was to introduce a system can be easily used by any family since it is based on the „do-it-yourself” principle.

In 2004, the Ministry of Productive Activities issued a decree in order to promote policies on saving Energy,entrusting the task of supervising the operational plans of this campaign for energy saving to the Authority for Electricity and Gas (AEEG).

In this initiative, together with the parties responsible in the energy distribution companies (ENEL, ENI, ENIA, ITALGAS, and many others), Ecolcap produced and distributed to accommodation facilities and individual families millions of kits, which allowed the entire national territory to obtain a considerable reduction in both energy and water consumption (sources: AEEG).

Looking into the future: for the past three years, Ecolcap, led as always by the spirit of scientific research, has begun work on a new invention, an innovative technology for the exploitation of the kinetic force of the river currents, for the production of clean and renewable energy.