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Tips for saving water and energy

Tips for saving water and energy

Watch-out for leaks!

A dripping tap loses 46 liters of water per day = 1380 l/month

A 2-mm leaking thread loses 138 liters of water / day = 4140 l / month

A 4-mm leaking thread loses 422 liters of water / day = 13260 l / month

A 2 mm hole in the pipe loses 3200 l of water / day = 96,000 l / month

In the bathroom

Keep the tap closed when brushing your teeth or shaving. You will save between 12 and 80 liters of water.

Try to limit baths / showers to 5 minutes.

Do not empty the toilet if you do not need and do not use the toilet as a trash. The consumption is between 6 and 10 liters when flushing.

In the kitchen

Thoroughly clean leftover food from the dishes before washing them.

When washing dishes, fill the sink with water and detergent halfway and put the dishes inside. Allow to soak for a few minutes, then wash and rinse.

Start the dishwasher only when used to its full capacity.

In the laundry room

Gather more dirty laundry and wash it at once.

Use the washing machine only when you have enough laundry to use it at full capacity. A washing machine of 5 kg capacity uses 135 l of water each time it is used

In the yard, garden and sidewalk

Do not wash the car using a hose. Use a cloth and a bucket.

Do not use the hose to wash the sidewalk, but a broom.

Use the hose as a broom for 15 min leads to the loss of 280 l of water.

Water the plants in the morning or evening to avoid losses from evaporation.