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The difference we bring



Excessive water consumption = LOSE money

Standard solutions do not significantly decrease the water consumption.

Low water consumption = SAVE money

The hydrodynamic principle in Vigorfluss delivers a jet rich in air, maintaining pressure and reducing significantly water consumption

Limescale and bacteria = hygienic RISK

Calcareous deposits cause water to stagnate in traditional products, thus leading to harmful bacteria development (Legionella).

NO limescale and bacteria = maximum hygienic SAFETY

Vigorfluss, made from the uniquely improved Resina Acetalica Derlin material, prevents water stagnation, limescale deposits and development of bacteria.

Excessive use of energy

Excessive consumption is more problematic in hot water, as heating large quantities leads to significant increase in energy consumption.

Low energy consumption – longer-lasting hot water

Using Vigorfluss unique solution, the water you heat lasts more.

Solution for sink ONLY

Current products on the market are designed particularly for lowering the water consumption at sinks.

For showers one can find either low consumption shower heads or products that strangle the water flow – all reduce the water output, at the same time reducing the felt pressure and lowering the washing experience.

Solution for BOTH shower and sink

Vigorfluss provides water saving solution for both shower and sink.

Periodical replacement costs

Standard solutions clog up with calcareous deposits regularly, leading to replacement and higher costs.

NO replacement costs

Vigorfluss prevents the formation of calcareous deposits and comes with 5 year anti-limescale warranty, therefore significantly lower replacement costs.

Diminished washing experience = variable water output pressure

Standard solutions do not solve the loss in pressure that appears when opening simultaneously more than 1 faucet.

Comfort in use = constant water output regardless of pressure variation

Vigorfluss has a unique design and pressure regulator that maintains the look and feel of the water flow, no matter how many faucets are opened.

High maintenance, require periodical cleaning

As, by design, traditional perlators/aerators accumulate limescale and dirt and favor proliferation of bacteria, they require constant, periodical cleaning and disinfection.


Self cleaning, low maintenance

Vigorfluss prevents solids from being retained on the membranes of aerators, always keeping the device clean

The hydrodynamic principle on which it is based, allows it to deliver a jet rich in air that considerably decreases the consumption of detergents commonly used, thanks to its emulsifying effect.


Use Vigorfluss and both you and the next generation will feel the difference!