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Vigorfluss sink valve VVM-A/A001 7l/min

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This mixing air/water valve will reduce the flow of water from your sink up to 70%, to 7l/min. It will also reduce your energy bill up to 30% through hot water savings (see enclosed detailed technical specifications).

Fits in any standard nozzle of kitchen or bathroom faucet.


  • fits all standard faucets (diameter 2.08 cm) 
  • provides a strong, circular water flow, great for rinsing objects or washing your hands
  • made of improved Resina Acetalica Delrin
  • produced in Italy; patented device – ISO 9001:2000 – UNI-EN246


  • reduces water output to 7l/min, regardless of network pressure level
  • saves 30% on your energy bill
  • gives higher level of hygiene by preventing the formation of limescale deposits and bacteria
  • maintains the look and feel of the water flow, no loss in water pressure is felt so you can have the same washing experience
  • high endurance: is thermo-resistant and pressure resistant 
  • self cleaning through design and the hydrodynamic principle on which it is based
  • very long life given by the material it is made of
  • easy to install and comfortable to use

No technical knowledge is necessary in order to install Vigorfluss valves, as it is as easy as unscrewing and screwing a cap of toothpaste.

To install it, simply unscrew your current aerator/perlator (by hand, or if it’s tight, use vise-grips or channel-lock pliers). Feel inside the faucet with your finger to make sure the old washer isn’t stuck there.

Remove the perlator (current device you have) and clean the metal cap very well to remove all traces of limescale. Insert the Vigorfluss sink valve and its washer into the metal cap and make sure that it passes the end of the metal cap by 1 mm. If this doesn’t happen, you should also consider replacing the metal cap with a Vigorfluss recommended one in order to prevent limescale formation. Screw on the metal cap by hand. If it leaks a bit or the water flow is not straight, use the vise-grips to tighten it a bit more, or add another washer and retighten again.

Functioning principle

The water arrives through a central hole in a pressure room, where the kinetic energy mass is attenuated; going towards the exit, it creates a depressurisation in the high side of the valve trapping air, and consequently mixing it with water.  This technological principle creates a water jet able to introduce in the water mass about 60% of air, reducing in this way the water consumption.


Internal geometry

The mixer valve has been designed with smooth and anti stagnant internal profiles and without plastic or metallic retinas; this singular characteristic prevents the inside accumulation of micro sediments and water, performing so the important prevention function against those conditions that can favorize the formation of bacterias such as “Legionella”.


The used material

The material used for its manufacturing is a special, improved acetate resin: atoxic, thermal resistant and limescale-repellent; it is a material that doesn’t polarize, this characteristic allowing the Vigorfluss valve to not be attacked by limescale. This fact prevents the disadvantages of plugging and maintenance and allows the valve to have a long duration.

Due to its design, the product doesn’t need periodical maintenance.

If the water in your network contains solid residues (like big grains of sand/dirt), you should check that these do not clutter on the top of the product. Just simply unscrew the metal cap containing the Vigorfluss valve and wash away the dirt accumulated on top of the product.

If the water in your network contains rust, it is possible that in time it will stain the Vigorfluss valve. However, this will not impact the functioning of the product and will not affect its properties.

WATCH- OUT: do not introduce in the water network accid substances (for example for desinfecting water tanks) as they might damage the product.


  • 10 years minimum product life period.
  • 5 years Manufacturer’s Warranty against limescale.
  • 20 days from the date of purchase guarantee against manufacturing defects.


100% Satisfaction

We want you to be completely satisfied with our products. If you are in any way dissatisfied with one of our products, we'll replace it or refund your money within 20 days of purchase. Simply email us the problem, and we'll take care of you.

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