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The advantages you can obtain while using our water saving device



  • A considerable reduction of costs for / related to the production of hot water 
  • A significant decrease in the consumption of cold water, higher than with any other product on the market that doesn’t strangle the water flow
  • Elimination of the continuous necessary maintenance due to limestone deposits
  • Maximum hygienic safety due to the special characteristics of the valves’ material, which keeps away the danger of possible formation of bacterial colonies.



Tests carried out by independent third parties (Italian National Research Council, technical departments of various Local Sanitary Companies) and individual households show that if the Vigorfluss valves were used in all Italian households, we would get an annual water saving of approximately 1 billion and 100 million cubic meters of water. Can you imagine? This is  22 times the amount of water in the lake Garda. Money wise, considering that each cubic meter costs about 0.70 cents, Italy would be richer with 770 million euros.

Calculation procedures provided by the Authority for Electricity and Gas (AEEG) for the quantification of water savings and primary energy efficiency demonstrate that each 60 kits installed (a kit contains 3 sink valves + 1 shower valve) allow annual savings of about 1 TEP (Tons equivalent petroleum) and avoid the emission of at least 15 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). In economic terms, the energy saving (gas, electricity, gasoline etc.) would amount to 450 million euros.

For each cubic meter of water saved we reduce the CO2 emision with 0,36 kg.

Using these valves, a huge financial resource could be recovered and used for the construction of public utility infrastructures.



We have focused our quest to design and build a product with special features that allow all those who are interested in obtaining water-saving and all those holding administrative responsibilities or management positions of public bodies, to use the proposed system due to its ease of installation. It is sufficient to prepare them with a very simple operation, similar to unscrew and screw a cap of toothpaste.